Accurate and timely information is key while taking relevant decisions. We closely watch and report about the follwing agricultural commodities: 

Wheat, Corn, Barley, Sorghum

Sunflower Seeds, Rapeseeds, Soybeans, Linenseeds

Feedstuffs/ By-Products
Sunflower Meal and Cake, Soybean Meal and Cake, Rapeseed Meal and Cake, Wheat Bran, Sugar Beet Pulp

Yellow Peas, Feed Peas, Chickpeas

We pursue the goal of providing customized services that facilitate your daily operations and optimize your business efficiency.
- Interactive market reports
- Market transparency
- Market news, analysis, and forecasts
- Business consultancy services
- Market research services
- 360 degree service reaching from contract negotiation, confirmation, execution of the contract
- Informative and operational support during tenders and while entering new markets

Our strong connections within the main Black Sea grain production regions allow us to establish solid relations with international trading companies, industries and end-consumers around the world.

We operate throughout the following geographies:

Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan

Northern Europe: Germany, Baltics

Turkey, Middle East, North Africa, Spain, Italy, Greece, South East Asia